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Adventurer tour 2023

Join the Adventurer Tour 2023, go on a trip to the outdoors and win prizes worth up to CZK 100,000.The prizes include a tailor-made expedition, seasonal Adventure menu supplies or complete trekking gear from outdoor brand HUSKY.

We believe that there is an adventurer in each of us waiting for the opportunity to emerge, and we are here to provide that opportunity.

Surpass yourself and experience unforgettable moments. We'll set you regular challenges that will test your adventurous spirit :), bring you lots of new experiences and guaranteed fun. Conquer mountain peaks, earn experience points, discover new places, go to areas you've never been before. In every challenge you can get something - rewards from our partners, membership in the Adventurer Club, a better ranking in the Adventurer app, as well as new friends and memories.

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