We believe that there is an adventurer in each of us waiting for the opportunity to emerge, and we are here to provide that opportunity.
We only live once, so let's get out there together, make it worth it! Awaken your inner adventurer!

Our purpose is to bridge the gap between everyday life and the exploration of the unknown by encouraging the desire for adventure in people's hearts. We want to encourage people to leave their comfort zone, go where they have never been before and live life to the fullest. We strive to make sure that every single person who uses our app discovers the joy and fulfillment that comes with being in nature and exploring new places

Our Values


We believe in stepping out of comfort zones, exploring new landscapes, and embarking on journeys that enrich our spirits.


We value independent thinking and encourage our community to carve their unique path, defy the conventional, and embrace the extraordinary.


We stand for the power to explore, to roam without constraints, to choose our own destinations, and to define our unique life experiences.


We promote bravery and intrepidity, inspiring our users to confront their fears, challenge themselves, and to conquer the untamed and the unknown.


We are committed to creating unforgettable experiences, and fostering unique memories that resonate with our users long after their journeys end.

Our Team

Karel Šimek

Founder | CEO/CMO
Marketing and management
E-mail: karelsimek@adventurer.space

Jiří Kubík

Visual Identity
Jirka works on the graphic design of the app.

Jakub Valenta

Jakub takes care of all video production.

Karolína Opavová

Customer Care
Karolína focuses on PR and customer support.

Petr Bauer

Petr takes care of content and graphics for our social networks.

Miroslav Zámečník

Lead App Content Creator
Míra manages all activities around the creation of treks to the app.

Marvan Shamma

Marv is a startup developer and advises us on key issues within the development of the project.

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