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Import GPX and plan your own route in the app. You can create trips just for your own purposes, or if you enjoy creating routes, you can inspire others and share your experiences. Users who follow you on the app will see your content and can go on your routes themselves, review them or discuss them in the comments.

Where can I find the route planner in the app?

You can open the planner from several places in the Adventurer app.

Access from your own profile

In the section of created routes

Access from the menu

From the side menu you can click Import GPX / Create Route.

Access from the map

You can import a GPX file from the map using the "+" button in the bottom corner.

How does it all work?

Create your own trek in moments

Import GPX file

Mark the POI on the map

Set the route parameters

Upload photos


Plan your own adventures

Interaction with the map

You can record all the important points on the map that you want to have a quick overview of on the route - water sources, shelters, points of interest, important peaks or castles, etc. Simply double tap a place on the map and a list will open up.

Create a point on the map

Double-tap the map to record key points along the route, such as a water source, shelter or point of interest, and more.

Show the name of the point

If you click once on the point, you'll see its name and label without opening the edit.

Move a point on the map

Long press a point of interest and move your finger across the screen to reposition it. While long pressing, wait for the screen to vibrate.

See the elevation through the graph

If you click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen, you'll see an interactive graph showing the elevation of the route. By sliding your finger across the graph, you can view the elevation in a specific section.

Deleting a point on the map

If you double-click on a point again, you will see a delete button at the bottom of the screen below the list. Press and confirm to delete the selected point.

Completion of route data and parameters

Record the route parameters

Describe your route

Add a title, subtitle and description of your hike. You have up to 3000 characters for the description.

Specify parameters

Specify difficulty, route type, camping options and more. You can also select suitable equipment for the climb or warn of potential dangers on the route.

Upload photos

The main photo will represent the entire route and will also be displayed in the route preview. Accompanying photos further develop the route picture and are displayed at the bottom of the route detail. Upload low-resolution photos.


You can find the route on your profile after saving. Your authorship is printed in the route in the form of a profile photo. People can click through this photo to your profile.

Plan an adventure

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Your created routes

All the adventures you've planned can be found on your profile in the Created Routes section and will also appear in the feed of posts to people who follow you.

If you want to edit the route back or add something to it, just click on the pencil icon in the route details in the left corner. You can use this button to expand the route further.

Feed of posts

We form a community of travel and adventure enthusiasts. We believe it is important to inspire and enrich each other. That's why we've created a feed of posts where you can follow content from people you follow or inspire others.

Community feed of posts

You can follow content from your friends or favourite travellers

People who follow you will see your routes and activities, and you can see content from people you follow. You can respond to posts with likes and comments.

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